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Report of Shiseido Public Seminar, “Living with Cancer”
– The Importance of Appearance Care to Be One’s True Self –
(Seminar report)

We held the Shiseido Open Seminar, hosted by Shiseido Life Quality Beauty Center, which attracted roughly 150 attendees.
In this seminar, entitled “‘Living with Cancer’ – The Importance of Appearance Care to Be One’s True Self,” information on how to live life while remaining true to one’s inner self by naturally covering changes in appearance (e.g., skin color change and eyebrow and eyelash loss due to side effects of anti-cancer therapy, postoperative scars) was introduced from the standpoints of various professionals, with the hope that patients, families, friends, and healthcare professionals who support them will all find some tips for “living with cancer while being one’s true self.”
We put together a seminar report for your reference.

  • • Lecture by Dr. Keiko Nozawa, Clinical Psychologist and Director, Appearance Support Center, National Cancer Center Hospital

How nice it would be if changes in appearance could be covered naturally...
Shiseido wants to respond to the wishes of those who experienced cancer, as well as their families.
Shiseido Life Quality Beauty Center will continue to provide makeup advice, introducing cover techniques to address concerns of each and every individual.
Please feel free to contact us.

Burn marks and scars, skin graft scars, and various appearance changes due to cancer therapy

At Shiseido, we call makeup for people with serious skin concerns “Life Quality Makeup,” and provide makeup advice across the country addressing various appearance changes. Please feel free to consult us.

* As for the correction of balance in cases of cleft lip and palate and facial palsy, advice is only available at the Shiseido Life Quality Beauty Center in Ginza, Tokyo.