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Performing cover makeup experience activities
at Kyoto University Hospital’s “Open Hospital 2016”

“Open Hospital 2016,” an open event for outpatients, inpatients, families, and local community, was held at Kyoto University Hospital (Kyoto) on Saturday, October 22.

Shiseido offered cover makeup experience to roughly 300 people who visited an area set up by Shiseido. On the day of the event, hand care was also offered to those who requested it.

As for cover makeup, we had opportunities to “propose cover techniques targeted to skin color change” and “propose makeup techniques for eyebrows and eyelashes that are sparse or affected by hair loss” for people with various concerns, including: an individual who lost her eyebrows due to side effects of anti-cancer therapy and was distressed as she was unable to confide in anyone about her appearance changes; an individual who was at a loss over how to cover her dark spots; and an individual who wanted to make her acne marks less conspicuous.

In an open, liberated atmosphere, we were able to offer an enjoyable experience to many customers, and for our staff as well, it was a day filled with amazing experiences establishing contact and communication with our customers, which made them feel warm inside.

At the booth, we introduced how to use makeup to cover up changes in appearance, including skin color change and loss of eyebrows and eyelashes, due to side effects of radiation therapy and anti-cancer therapy for breast cancer.

[Cover makeup experience]
  • [Cover makeup experience]
    Many people said they were glad, as they were able to talk about their troubles that bothered them on a daily basis.
[Hand care]
  • [Hand care]
    Through hand contact, not only customers but our staff also felt warm feelings.

    Product used for hand care

Burn marks and scars, skin graft scars, and various appearance changes due to cancer therapy

At Shiseido, we call makeup for people with serious skin concerns “Life Quality Makeup,” and provide makeup advice across the country addressing various appearance changes. Please feel free to consult us.

* As for the correction of balance in cases of cleft lip and palate and facial palsy, advice is only available at the Shiseido Life Quality Beauty Center in Ginza, Tokyo.