Shiseido Life Quality Beauty Center


Introducing Shiseido Life Quality Beauty Center’s
special facility for cover makeup!

What is it like inside the facility where cover makeup is done?
With the hope of bringing in more visitors, here we introduce our spacious, privacy-conscious space via a 360-degree video.

We provide each customer with a private room because we want them to have a relaxing time with peace of mind, as much as possible.
People might have concerns not only about their face but their body — that they don’t want other people to see.
We respect and support such feelings, and provide advice according to the concern of each and every customer.
Privacy-conscious private room, by appointment only.
Please come by with your family.

Our staff members who received specialized education will think alongside the customer the optimal cover makeup method. Customers themselves can practice the method as well.

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Information about Shiseido Life Quality Beauty Center

Privacy-conscious private room for cover makeup

  • Privacy-conscious private room for cover makeup

Relaxing space for family

  • Relaxing space for family

Burn marks and scars, skin graft scars, and various appearance changes due to cancer therapy

At Shiseido, we call makeup for people with serious skin concerns “Life Quality Makeup,” and provide makeup advice across the country addressing various appearance changes. Please feel free to consult us.

* As for the correction of balance in cases of cleft lip and palate and facial palsy, advice is only available at the Shiseido Life Quality Beauty Center in Ginza, Tokyo.