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Perfect Cover Foundation BM
Hard type

Hard type

It clings tightly to
the unevenness of the skin
and blurs the troubled area.

This foundation covers the unevenness of the skin, which is difficult to achieve with a normal foundation. It can also be used for burn marks, scars, and acne marks.
The special unevenness correction formula clings tightly to the area you wish to cover. It helps keep makeup in place, with a long-lasting, natural finish, and also provides UV protection for the skin.

  • The soft type is for application over the entire face, offering full coverage of the troubled, uneven spots.
  • The hard type is for partial application, offering the coverage of the areas with more noticeable unevenness that cannot be easily covered using the soft type.

Perfect Cover Foundation BM

Hard type <Foundation for partial application>
5 colors for each type 35g 3,000 JPY each (excluding tax)
For all seasons
* The indicated price is the suggested retail price excluding tax.

How Perfect Cover Foundation BM works

Finish effects

How to choose

  • Depending on the condition of skin unevenness, you can use either the soft or hard type.
  • Pick the basic color according to your skin tone. Put it on your skin, leave it for 2-3 min until the surface is dry, and then check the color (this is because the color settles as the oil content volatilizes). If the color does not match well, you can combine the basic colors and adjustment colors to match various skin tones.

How to use the product

<Hard type>
(Foundation for partial application)

  • Take an appropriate amount onto your finger and apply only to the spots where unevenness is difficult to cover with the soft type. Let it blend.
    Then, spread thinly to the surrounding skin to blur the edge.
  • When removing, use an oil-based makeup remover with high cleansing effects. It comes off completely with ease.
How to use

<Japanese only>

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