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Perfect Cover Powder BR
Perfect Cover Powder BR

This color powder helps produce
a more natural finish of
Perfect Cover Foundation.

You can adjust the differences in skin tone and texture between the area covered with Perfect Cover Foundation and the surrounding skin without the cover.
The powder is resistant to sweat and sebum, and not easily color transferred.

Perfect Cover Powder BR

<Face powder/Body makeup>
1 color 5.5g 2,500 JPY (excluding tax)
* The indicated price is the suggested retail price excluding tax.

How Perfect Cover Powder BR works

It blends with your skin naturally, creating a finish with non-cakey texture.

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Creates a uniform finish with non-cakey texture
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Absorbs excess sebum, and prevents makeup from slipping off
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This powder repels water, so it is resistant to sweat
oil ...
It helps adhere the powder to the skin

How to use the product

  • After covering your skin with Perfect Cover Foundation, use a brush to take up some powder, and press it over the area where the color difference is noticeable. Spread.


Put some powder over the edge between the troubled parts where coverage was applied and the surrounding skin.

step.1 step.2


Spread the powder smoothly over the skin to which the coverage is not applied, and then, apply some powder to the troubled area to which the coverage has been applied as well.


  • When a sponge or puff is used, the powder surface may solidify.
    Always use a face brush or cheek brush*, and gently pass it over in one direction to take up some powder.
    * Please note that Shiseido Foundation Brush 131 cannot be used due to the properties of the brush.

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