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Perfect Cover Brush

This brush is designed for
Cover Foundation, suitable for
covering small areas as
it makes it easy to apply
an appropriate amount.

It is recommended when using Perfect Cover VV, BM, and CT.

Perfect Cover Brush

1,800 JPY (excluding tax)
* The indicated price is the suggested retail price excluding tax.


  • It fits in a small area with precision, so you can apply Perfect Cover Foundation in an appropriate thickness.
  • It is suitable to spread creamy cosmetics uniformly, with its synthetic nylon bristles having high stiffness and excellent durability, without variation in thickness or quality.
    * Other than Perfect Cover Foundation, it can be used for concealers and foundations for partial application.

How to use the product

  • With the brush, take up some Perfect Cover Foundation and spread it over the area that you wish to cover.
  • Handling of the brush

Wipe with tissue paper (without forcing)

Care after use

After use, wipe the brush off with tissue paper, etc., before the foundation dries up, and then use a cotton pad soaked with an oil-based makeup remover to dissolve the foundation remaining in the brush.
Then, wipe off the tip of the brush gently with tissue paper, etc., until it feels dry and smooth

Dissolve the foundation

If the brush looks noticeably dirty with foundation

After following the steps described above, wash the brush with the designated cleaner or dilute neutral detergent, rinse thoroughly with water to completely remove the detergent, and pat dry with a towel, etc., Then, dry it in the shade until completely dry.
(Perform care once a weak as a measure)

* When you are using Perfect Cover Foundation VV, please do not wash the brush with water before you follow the steps with an oil-based makeup remover.

* Please do not use hot water

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