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Perfect Cover Foundation MV
Perfect Cover Foundation MV

This product addresses skin concerns such as every uneven skin tone (blueish, reddish, or brownish tone, etc.) and texture.

This foundation has been developed to address skin concerns, from a blueish, reddish, or brownish skin tone (dullness, spots, or bags under the eyes) problems to skin unevenness (acne marks, scars, or burns), which are difficult to cover with normal foundation. The foundation gives long-lasting sheer coverage and a natural finish. Choose the best color to suit your skin.

Perfect Cover Foundation MV

<Foundation for partial application>
Seven colors 20g ¥3,500 (¥3,780 incl. tax)

Ochre00 Ochre10 Ochre20 Ochre40 Ochre60 Pink Ochre10 Pink Ochre20(c)
*Source: Shiseido's survey on color retention. Results may vary between individuals.

How to use

  • Place a small amount onto your fingertips. The amount needed varies according to the coverage area.

  • <Wide area>


  • <Small area>

    Put it lightly.

  • <Uneven area>

    Concave area: Apply foundation with fingertips in a circular motion.
    Convex area: Apply a thicker layer of foundation on the surrounding skin to create a smooth surface.

Tips: Uneven area
<Japanese only>
Tips: Small area
<Japanese only>
Tips: Wide area
<Japanese only>

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