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Perfect Cover Foundation VV
Perfect Cover Foundation VV

Supplement color unevenness
due to melanin deposition,
and adjust the skin tone uniformly.

A liquid foundation mixed with powders that emit light in “yellow” and “black” tones on the skin. It can even cover vitiligo patches effectively.
The light-textured liquid does not look heavy even when applied in multiple layers. You can also adjust the shade to match your skin condition. It is resistant to sweat, water, and sebum, and does not fade or come off easily upon contact with clothing, etc., which is another advantage.
You can also layer your preferred foundation on it to create a beautiful finish, and furthermore, it provides UV protection.

Perfect Cover Foundation VV

Comes with a special brush
<Foundation for partial application>
1 color 18ml 3,000 JPY (excluding tax)
SPF18 PA+ For all seasons
* The indicated price is the suggested retail price excluding tax.


How Perfect Cover VV works

New light technology to produce a “melanin color” which is lacking in vitiligo patches

Finish effects

How to use the product

  • It is a type of liquid that forms two layers; please shake the bottle in up and down motions (about 10 times) before use, and then remove the cap.
  • First, put a small amount on the back of your hand. Adjusting the fluid volume, dab the product onto your skin (only the spot you want to cover) and spread thinly using your finger or the brush that comes with the product (Fig. 1).
  • Apply an additional layer while checking the color density, and adjust the color tone to the color of the skin around the spot.
  • A natural finish can be achieved by using the brush to blur the edge of color. (Fig. 2)
  • It can be removed completely with ease if you use an oil-based makeup remover with high cleansing effects.
  • Please be sure to put the cap on properly after use.
How to use the product

<Japanese only>

(Fig. 1) (Fig. 2)

Techniques by concern

Small area

For the border between vitiligo and healthy skin, and areas that are smaller than your fingertip, use the tip of the brush. Apply carefully so that it will not run over to the healthy skin. (Fig. 1)

For a particularly small area, hold the tip of the brush up to apply the foundation.(Fig. 2)

Wide area

(Depending on the area) Take a slightly larger amount, and quickly spread the foundation in large motions from the center of vitiligo using your finger or a sponge puff (for liquid type).

If the edge is clear

From the edge, spread the foundation inward, while being careful not to run off the edge. Blur the edge. (Fig. 3)

If the edge is blurry

Use your finger or the brush to blur the edge between the vitiligo and healthy skin in small motions.

  • Handling of the brush

Wipe with tissue paper (without forcing)

Care after use

After use, thoroughly wipe the brush with tissue paper, etc., before the foundation dries out, and store.

(*1) Dissolve the foundation

If the brush looks noticeably dirty with the foundation

Using a cotton pad soaked with an oil-base makeup remover, dissolve the foundation remaining in the brush. (*1)
After following the steps described above, wash the brush with the designated cleaner or dilute neutral detergent, rinse thoroughly with water to completely remove the detergent, and pat dry with a towel, etc. Then, dry it in the shade until completely dry.
(Perform care about once a week as a measure)

Please do not wash the brush with water before performing *1.

* Please do not use hot water.

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