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Concerns related to your appearance due to side effects of cancer treatment, birth marks, dark spots, vitiligo, and skin unevenness (scars), dullness of the skin, etc.
Our Makeup Carists who have received specialized education regarding various skin troubles will give you advice with perfect coverage methods.
You can receive counseling in a private room where your privacy is protected.

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    Free counseling

    We offer counseling free of charge.
    Our Makeup Carists who have received specialized education will give advice to those suffering from serious skin concerns, by looking at the skin, asking about the concerns, and picking appropriate cosmetic products while making sure the customers can use them effectively on their own.

    For people with serious skin concerns For people with appearance-related concerns due to cancer treatment
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    By appointment only.
    We offer a private room
    where privacy is protected

    We offer a private room for privacy protection so that our customers can receive counseling at ease.
    As it is by appointment only, please first contact us by phone.

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    We offer services
    that men and children
    can receive casually.

    Our cover makeup is popular among many men and children for its natural, sweat- and water-proof finish (it does not make them look like they are wearing makeup).
    In the case of children in a growing stage, treatment strategies vary by individual.
    Please make sure to consult their physician before contacting us.

    Flow of reservation and counseling

Information about our cosmetics

Shiseido Perfect Cover Foundation

Cover foundation Perfect Cover Foundation is a product to which Shiseido has applied light transmission/scattering, powder and polymer properties with sophisticated technology developed over many years of cosmetics research.

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