Shiseido Life Quality Beauty Center


For patients in treatment, post-treatment or about to enter treatment,
and for family members, friends and co-workers of patients

We will guide you through some easy self-care techniques to help improve
your appearance concerns caused by the side effects of various cancer treatments.


* Photos retouched with makeup and CG

See techniques via video

Skincare technique videos

How to apply products that hydrate the skin and are gentle around the eyes

  • When your skin feels dry and sensitive

Makeup technique videos

How to apply concealer to cover changes in skin tone

  • When you notice more dullness, dark spots and dark circles due to the side effects of treatment

Special foundation to cover changes in skin tone (How to apply Perfect Cover Foundation MV)

  • When you notice darker spots and more dullness that can’t be covered up with regular foundation products

How to draw brows after eyebrow loss

  • When you don’t know where to draw your brows
  • When you want to draw eyebrows to appear natural after most of the eyebrows have fallen out

How to draw brows when eyebrows become sparse

  • When you don’t know where to draw your brows

How to apply eyeshadow after eyelash loss

  • When you feel that eyeshadow powder is getting in your eyes

How to apply eyeliner easily and avoid smudging

  • After the eyelashes have fallen out
  • When you have watery eyes

How to apply blush without ruining the foundation

  • When you want a vibrant, healthy looking finish

Beauty Book for Cancer Patients

This leaflet serves as a makeup guide for everyone with treatment-related skin sensitivity and side effects and concerns about hair loss, hair care and hand care, and to help them feel like themselves with the power of makeup.

For example, they may experience more dryness and notice more dark spots, dullness, or more sensitivity in their skin. With hair loss, sweat may get into the eyes and sting. Some may become lost about where to start drawing their brows. In this book, we also provide tips on how to care for your dry hands and hair, and much more helpful beauty information tailored to specific concerns of patients.

Beauty Book for Cancer Patients


* Photos retouched with makeup and CG

Ms. Maki Tsunoda

Ms. Maki Tsunoda

Message from a cancer survivor

Makeup gives courage to take a step forward.
I am presently under follow-up and have regained my strength physically and mentally, but initially after being diagnosed with cancer, I cried and got depressed, being unable to accept the reality. We tend to retreat into ourselves especially in times of hardship.
When I had anxiety to even leave the hospital, I came across information on the hospital bulletin board about a place where I could meet people from every walk of life. As I thought about stopping by with my husband, I put on my makeup. This led me to the place where I could learn how to do my makeup. During treatment, I lost my hair, my eyebrows, and my eyelashes; yet, by learning makeup methods and putting on my makeup, I was able to enjoy going out again. On weekends, I wore a wig and cover makeup to go out with my husband for dinner. When I put on my makeup, I felt that I can be myself, and not a sick person. Today, I don’t hesitate to go out to any place. I meet various people, collect various kinds of information, and spend every day to the fullest.
It is painful for women to experience changes in appearance, but makeup can give us courage to take a step forward. It not only covers your appearance, but also gives you positive feelings.

Please feel free to contact us about anything.


[Reservation acceptance time] 13:00〜17:00 (Tuesday through Friday, except for public holidays)
[Business hours] 13:00〜17:00 (Wednesday through Friday, except for public holidays)
Required time is approximately 90 minutes max.

Please consult your physician if you are currently undergoing treatment,
or if you have concerns about your physical shape or skin condition before you make reservation.
You can cancel your reservation even on the day of your appointment, if you are in bad physical condition.