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For patients with cancer during and after treatment or those who are about to undergo treatment, their family, friends, and co-workers

Having concerns about changes in appearance due to side effects of cancer treatment and surgery,
such as, ”my skin is looking dull,“ ”I am losing my eyebrows and eyelashes,“ and ”I have scar marks“?
How nice would it be if there is a way to cover naturally such changes in appearance that are,
as if, taking one’s own individuality away?
We support those wishes with “the power of makeup.”

With spirit of hospitality, we will introduce the tips that help cancer survivors, and their families,
to leave behind their painful treatment even a little, and face forward to stride ahead with their head up.


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Ms. Maki Tsunoda

Ms. Maki Tsunoda

Message from a cancer survivor

Makeup gives courage to take a step forward.
I am presently under follow-up and have regained my strength physically and mentally, but initially after being diagnosed with cancer, I cried and got depressed, being unable to accept the reality. We tend to retreat into ourselves especially in times of hardship.
When I had anxiety to even leave the hospital, I came across information on the hospital bulletin board about a place where I could meet people from every walk of life. As I thought about stopping by with my husband, I put on my makeup. This led me to the place where I could learn how to do my makeup. During treatment, I lost my hair, my eyebrows, and my eyelashes; yet, by learning makeup methods and putting on my makeup, I was able to enjoy going out again. On weekends, I wore a wig and cover makeup to go out with my husband for dinner. When I put on my makeup, I felt that I can be myself, and not a sick person. Today, I don’t hesitate to go out to any place. I meet various people, collect various kinds of information, and spend every day to the fullest.
It is painful for women to experience changes in appearance, but makeup can give us courage to take a step forward. It not only covers your appearance, but also gives you positive feelings.

Appearance Care Book for Cancer Patients

Appearance Care Book for Cancer Patients

You can find on our website our “Appearance Care Book for Cancer Patients,” which contains all kinds of beauty information to help you deal with skin color change and eyebrow and eyelash loss, or any other concerns due to side effects of cancer treatment.
It is printable, so patients as well as their family and healthcare professionals can make good use of it.
Please spread the word to people who might find this information helpful.

Skin color correction only
Skin color correction only
Skin color correction + eyebrows
Skin color correction
+ eyebrows

Skin and eyebrows change the impression of your face
Example of cover makeup
that makes appearance changes less visible

Correction of severe dullness

For severe dullness that may not be covered with normal concealers, you can make your skin tone look brighter by using a high saturation orange- or yellow-based color control product.

How to cover skin dullness on your own

<Japanese only>

Perfect Cover Foundation BM

How to draw eyebrows at the time of hair loss

Eyebrows are the important point in creating a facial expression.
It is useful to remember the basic eyebrow balance when you draw your eyebrows at the time of hair loss.
The key is to know how to determine the position of the inner brow corner, and how to select appropriate eyebrow products, thereby being able to create natural-looking and long-lasting eyebrows.

How to choose eyebrow products

How to choose eyebrow products

The standard eyebrow proportion
and how to draw eyebrows

<Japanese only>

The standard eyebrow proportion and how to draw eyebrows

Key points

Tips for drawing long-lasting, shine-free eyebrows

  • (1) Make good use of powder (face powder)
    When shine of the drawn parts bothers you, pat lightly with powder (face powder) after drawing the eyebrows, and draw them over one more time to create a natural finish.
  • (2) To prevent the drawn eyebrows from wearing off, we recommend using a water-proof eyebrow pencil that is resistant to sweat, water, and sebum, etc.

Tips for drawing eyebrows when the skin is slippery due to hair loss

  • When you just want to draw your eyebrows without makeup, lightly apply powder foundation to the eyebrow area and the skin around it beforehand.
  • We recommend using a soft eyebrow pencil.
  • If you still have difficulty drawing your eyebrows due to slipperiness, use an eyeliner pencil (brown-based), with a very light touch. Then, use a powder-type eyebrow product to blend them.

* Please consult us at our store about the detailed features of our products.

Finish effects

Before Knit Beanie Wig

Finish effects by parts

  • Before
  • Before

Click here for correction of other troubles, such as unevenness and scar marks

* There are individual differences in the finish of cover makeup.
* We collaborate with Eisai Co., Ltd. to provide makeup information at “The website for people with breast cancer (BreCare Garden)”.
 (Link to the website of Eisai Co., Ltd. is provided.) 

Voice of our customers

  • I have many opportunities to contact clients, in addition to my co-workers in the office, so I want to hide my appearance changes as much as possible. I was able to improve my complexion with cover makeup, and being able to draw nicely shaped eyebrows, along with the effects of eyeshadows, gave me more cheerful look. Just looking at myself with makeup made me feel positive and happy.

    (woman in her 30s)
  • I wanted to go in a hot spring, so I received advice on covering my chest scar. The staff assisted me very kindly and I was able to receive the advice at ease. After that, I went to the hot spring. Looking from afar, the scar was almost unnoticeable. I am also satisfied with the product.(woman in her 40s)
  • As I lost my eyebrows, eyelashes, and hair, I was very reluctant to meet people other then my family. Rapid changes can cause considerable damage to individuals internally as well. Getting advice on how to apply cover makeup and how to draw my eyebrows lightened my mood. I feel that I may be able to be myself again, by fixing up my appearance to step outside.(woman in her 60s)

Voices of healthcare professionals

  • I am surprised by how big of a change in impression one can achieve with a cover makeup. Until now, I was only able to share their pain. It was good to learn that covering their concerns can lead to their confidence and positive feelings. I want to tell my patients.

    Dental hygienist
  • I was surprised that it can cover dullness, more than I had imagined. Appearance is very important. Many people agonize over whether to continue treatment or not because of their side effects. I’d like to let patients know that they can use makeup to cover [changes in their appearance], as well as their families.Nursing staff
  • Makeup can cover scars and keloids. Even after surgery, patients can go to hot springs and enjoy traveling with their friends by covering them up. For patients who are trying to resolve various skin concerns while continuing painful treatment, the fact that they can go out by covering them up will surely give them hopes.Nursing staff

We provide comfortable spaces (private rooms) as the makeup room where our customers receive counseling. The room embodies the concept of “spiritual home,” which provides warm feelings and relaxing time. We offer comfortable chairs for our customers, so that they don’t feel exhausted after sitting in the room for a long time, as well as cushions to alleviate pain. Customers can take their time to talk and get advice with peace of mind, and without burden to their physical condition.
Customers can also bring their family members or friends with them.

Private rooms

Please feel free to contact us about anything.

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Please consult your physician if you are currently undergoing treatment,
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